Featuring innovative technology and design, GEOD builds its foundation upon Cadden´s 20 years of experience in providing integrated solutions. This assures the product line is created to deliver real added-value. GEOD products are renown to be:


Ready for deployment, GEOD solutions are light and easily transportable in a compact bag. All necessary parts fit together, making the tool dependable and quick to set-up.


Part of Cadden philosophy is to provide smart solutions equipped with all the necessary telecommunication equipment embedded within. This is to assure a high degree of connectivity to satellites, devices, and radio networks.


All products feature I/O interfaces, built-in software, internal storage, configuration & monitoring, power supply, and adhere to global standards to assure interoperability and independent usage.


GEOD products rely on augmented-GNSS navigation technology, providing highly-sophisticated solutions that deliver the most accurate results even in difficult circumstances.


Despite their sophistication and the complexity of the technology integrated within GEOD products, from a user´s standpoint, the simplicity with which one can operate the systems is impressive.


Via means of configurable choices, GEOD tools come with the necessary hardware and firmware options enabled to deliver solutions fit-for-a-purpose. This assures that a designated task is fulfilled with adequate investment.


Cadden specializes in accurate positioning systems for maritime and industrial applications. GEOD is a brand of products manufactured featuring some key technological assets:

GNSS Constellations

By default, GEOD GNSS receivers are set to work with GPS+Glonass constellations. It is possible to upgrade to Beidou+Galileo via a simple firmware upgrade.

Accurate GNSS

Receivers are powered by Trimble technology.
RTK provides an accuracy of position or 1cm-2cm.
L-Band (RTX) accuracy in the range of 1 decimeter: 4cm -10 cm. While SBAS accuracy 0.5m-1m.

Exact Orientation

Dual-Antenna GNSS compass with Moving Baseline RTK and gyro-aiding are Plug & Play options delivered as part of GEOD core solutions.

NiMH batteries

Each product comes with variations to power the systems with safe batteries.
Hot-swappable batteries for BANANAS, power-bank dual battery system or Power over Ethernet (PoE) cables for G-NAV, BALI features an external battery connector.

Wi-Fi Access Point

Web-based configuration & monitoring software is accessible via Wi-Fi for all of the GEOD products.

Single-Beam Echosounder

BALI bathymetry kit comes with either a single frequency or a dual frequency echosounder.

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Inertial Navigation

GNSS-INS data fusion, MEMS accelerometer, gyro-heading, Kalman Filters are part of GEOD core augmented-GNSS solutions.

Radio Connectivity

All antennas, modems, and firmware to make the GEOD products communicate with various types of radio networks (3G, UHF, VHF, AIS, Wi-Fi, Long-Range Wi-Fi) are built-in.

Relative Positioning

Systems can be used as a relative positioning system, meaning that it is possible to evaluate with extreme accuracy the distance between moving points. Relative positioning has enormous applications in off-shore operations and in the study of vehicle dynamics.

Endless possibilities

With quality components and options precisely designed. GEOD product line finds applications in several domains: maritime, robotics, unmanned vehicles, automotive, industrial automation, e-navigation, hydrography, land surveying, mobile mapping and more...

Smart solutions

Ever wished you could use a solution out-of-the-box designed around your professional needs? GEOD is full on interesting surprises:

Designed around you

Designing your own bathymetry kit has never been easier. BALI was envisaged as a simple tool, compact and performant. Not everyone can master all challenges presented by integrating hydrographic equipment components. BALI gives all options needed to use a system made to carry out a professional bathymetric survey. All one needs to choose is the depth range, the precision of position sought. All possible options are designed for you.


GEOD products are used worldwide for critical missions where precision and reliability are key to success. Here are only 3 references:


Energies & Services

Bouygues Energies & Services has developed an embedded solution, centered around GEOD technology, which identifies, collects and analyses the environment’s data and converts it into map format.



Cadden developed for FUGRO a high precision portable berthing aid system, compliant with pilot requirements for docking. The system can help improve the safety and efficiency of complex marine operations

Port Revel


Cadden equiped Port Revel facility with state of the art technology for real-time tracking, trajectography, GNSS RTK sensors, radio technology, cartography, RTK base station and PPU.

BANANAS (Berthing And NavigatioN Aid System) is an Independent Portable Pilot Unit (PPU)

BANANAS PPU was designed valuing ergonomics and the augmented navigation aid provided.

3 Products

The GE0D product line consists of: a bathymetry kit called BALI, a Portable Pilot Unit (PPU) called BANANAS and a smart antenna called G-NAV

Bathymetry Kit
Main features:
1 (dual or single frequency) echosounder
1 GNSS antenna integrated with centimetre-grade (RTK), sub-decimetre (RTX) or sub-metre (SBAS) options
Embedded radio modems: UHF/GSM
Web-based built in app
1 Battery + charger, cables and radio antennas
3 Rods and mounting kit accessories
Portable PIlot Unit (PPU)
Main features:
Transport bag
2 beacons (Position & Heading)
2 hot-swappable batteries
1 Radio Modem for long range Wi-fi
All chargers
(Optional): Tablet + Navigation SW
Smart Antenna
Main features:
1 GNSS antenna integrated with centimetre-grade (RTK), sub-decimetre (RTX) or sub-metre (SBAS) options
Embedded Inertial Sensor
Embedded radio modems: UHF/GSM
Web-based built in admin app
Battery + charger
PoE cables and radio antennas
Real-Time Tracking (TDMA)
Extra Heading antenna + Gyro-aiding firmware + cables

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