Featuring innovative technology and design, GEOD builds its foundation upon Cadden´s 20 years of experience in providing integrated solutions. This assures the product line is created to deliver real added-value. GEOD products are renown to be:


Ready for deployment, GEOD solutions are light and easily transportable in a compact bag. All necessary parts fit together, making the tool dependable and quick to set-up.


Part of Cadden philosophy is to provide smart solutions equipped with all the necessary telecommunication equipment embedded within. This is to assure a high degree of connectivity to satellites, devices, and radio networks.


All products feature I/O interfaces, built-in software, internal storage, configuration & monitoring, power supply, and adhere to global standards to assure interoperability and independent usage.


GEOD products rely on augmented-GNSS navigation technology, providing highly-sophisticated solutions that deliver the most accurate results even in difficult circumstances.


Despite their sophistication and the complexity of the technology integrated within GEOD products, from a user´s standpoint, the simplicity with which one can operate the systems is impressive.


Via means of configurable choices, GEOD tools come with the necessary hardware and firmware options enabled to deliver solutions fit-for-a-purpose. This assures that a designated task is fulfilled with adequate investment.