Cadden specializes in accurate positioning systems for maritime and industrial applications. GEOD is a brand of products manufactured featuring some key technological assets:

GNSS Constellations

By default, GEOD GNSS receivers are set to work with GPS+Glonass constellations. It is possible to upgrade to Beidou+Galileo via a simple firmware upgrade.

Accurate GNSS

Receivers are powered by Trimble technology.
RTK provides an accuracy of position or 1cm-2cm.
L-Band (RTX) accuracy in the range of 1 decimeter: 4cm -10 cm. While SBAS accuracy 0.5m-1m.

Exact Orientation

Dual-Antenna GNSS compass with Moving Baseline RTK and gyro-aiding are Plug & Play options delivered as part of GEOD core solutions.

NiMH batteries

Each product comes with variations to power the systems with safe batteries.
Hot-swappable batteries for BANANAS, power-bank dual battery system or Power over Ethernet (PoE) cables for G-NAV, BALI features an external battery connector.

Wi-Fi Access Point

Web-based configuration & monitoring software is accessible via Wi-Fi for all of the GEOD products.

Single-Beam Echosounder

BALI bathymetry kit comes with either a single frequency or a dual frequency echosounder.

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Inertial Navigation

GNSS-INS data fusion, MEMS accelerometer, gyro-heading, Kalman Filters are part of GEOD core augmented-GNSS solutions.

Radio Connectivity

All antennas, modems, and firmware to make the GEOD products communicate with various types of radio networks (3G, UHF, VHF, AIS, Wi-Fi, Long-Range Wi-Fi) are built-in.

Relative Positioning

Systems can be used as a relative positioning system, meaning that it is possible to evaluate with extreme accuracy the distance between moving points. Relative positioning has enormous applications in off-shore operations and in the study of vehicle dynamics.